PROJETO BRASIL: "Kærligheds koncert til den Brasilianske musik"

13/04/2016 - 20:00

Bossa Nova, Samba and MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) - It’s a tribute to composers like Antônio Carlos Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Vinícius de Moraes and their peers. These songs changed and reshaped music, and made Brazil and its culture the next, hot thing around the globe. Born in the intersection between jazz, classical and popular music, mixed with the rich afro-Brazilian heritage, it’s music that feels as fresh and relevant today as it did back then.

Sigurdur Flosason (ISL) – Sax/Flute
Hans Olding (SVE) – Guitar
Thórdís Gerdur Jónsdóttir (ISL)- Cello
Morten Ankarfeldt (DK) – Upright Bass
Ola Bothzén (SE) – Drums/Percussion

Sigurdur Flosason och Hans Olding met in Denmark a couple of years ago when they participating in a Nordic jazz workshop and has continued to work together ever since, playing  together and touring clubs and festivals in the Nordic countries. They have written new music and arrangements of some of their favourite songs for a hand picked quintet, where their strong jazz backgrounds meet the Brazilian classics. Found in the quintet are some of the most interesting Nordic musicians today. The result: an exciting blend of tropical rhythms and grooving jazz with a large chunk of Nordic melancholia added to the mix.


More info:”projeto-brasil”

Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond